Apostle L T Smith – the Apostle and the Man!

Firstly, I would like to thank God for my life because without Him I wouldn’t be here today. I would also like to thank my wife

and Chief mother of NLFOM Mother Beverley Smith for her love and support not only for the Ministry, but also for our family.


There are times in life when you get asked so many questions about different things, in particular, one question that seems to arise the most is “What is your passion both in and out of church?”  To answer such a two-dimensional question requires deep thought processes as I  think of the things that makes me happy and the things that I  most enjoy doing. During such deep thinking, it made me realise that combining the two elements would create a really long list. Therefore, I have decided to narrow it down tremendously.


The day I decided to follow Jesus was a turning point for me. It seems like my Christian journey and my spiritual life got tough and became a battle, to which I still fight to this day. However, knowing I have the faithful one, the LORD Jesus Christ on my side, I have nothing to worry about or fear and throughout my journey, I have achieved a great deal over the years and developed a desire for more of Jesus and to fulfil the ministry mandate.

As a consequence, my passion is teaching and preaching the word of God and spreading the Good News wherever I can, to whomever I can and whenever I can. In doing so, it is encouraging when I see believers of all ages opening up their minds and hearts to Jesus and inclining their ears to hear what the Father has to say to them.  Thereby getting excited at learning that there is a purpose for their lives and that with the Lord Jesus Christ anything …………..ANYTHING is possible.  


In addition, I also love to spend time with my family. My wife and I have 4 children (one went to be with the Lord), and 2 grandchildren.

They keep me busy as we engage in regular activities which I enjoy such as dining out, watching television, bowling, reading, travelling and trying to keep up with the latest technology which for most is a struggle not just me….I’m pleased to say!

I enjoy my life and my ultimate heartfelt desire is to leave a ‘legacy of generations and generations of champions’ for Christ – People who will come to know and love the word of God, live the word, teach the word, preach the word and testifies of the goodness of the Lord through the word, thereby all who believe in God will be richly blessed.

Apostle L T Smith



Greetings everyone, I am the wife of Apostle L T Smith and the Chief Mother of NLFOM.


Not so long ago I was stopped and asked if I had a few moments to spare to fill out a questionnaire. The questions were of a self-assessment nature with one in particular that asked “What excites you in life and would you says it’s your passion?”

Being the God fearing woman that I am, I responded with utmost honesty and proceeded to list a number of things that I love and enjoy doing such as being a wife, mother and grandmother , looking after my family and my home, arts and crafts – making jewellery, cards, flower arranging, baking and making people happy.  Most importantly, I get excited that I am a child of the King, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  At this point I was thinking, should I be putting this information on the sheet? However, I continued to write and proceed by faith.

In relation to being a wife and a mother, the role entails looking after my family by nurturing and caring for them which is what I feel excites me and is my passion. As the Chief mother of the church, the role is very similar in terms of the nurturing and caring aspects, coupled with working to raise up young men and women to be confident in Christ Jesus, teaching them how to pray, to exercise their faith and to use the tools that Lord has given them to tell the world of His love and the passion Christ had for His people. I have been on this journey with the Lord for quite some time now and I do not consider myself to be tired as yet.

My prayer therefore is that the Lord will continue to give me strength to look after and support my family, the church family and all who God places in my care. I also pray that I will, through His help, continue to win souls for His kingdom.

May God bless you all and cover you with His anointing.

Mother B Smith